Why Keeping A Journal Will Improve Your Life!

Hey Guys, I love writing. It's always been such a HUGE passion of mine, although recently not being able to do so as much for myself as I probably would want too, mainly because my mind is usually on my clients and what they need writing up for their business. However, like I said not … Continue reading Why Keeping A Journal Will Improve Your Life!

Why Do I Write? | Writer’s Ink Challenge

Hey lovely people of the internet. How are you all doing? I am hoping wonderfully! Now, I can't remember the last time I attempted a tag post, but I recently saw someone upload this one and it reminded me that I was also tagged a while back, so I felt inspired to do it now, … Continue reading Why Do I Write? | Writer’s Ink Challenge

Letter To Myself – The Reply

A year ago (maybe slightly over), I was challenged to write a letter to my future self, and then a year later, if I wanted to, which clearly I am going to, to give a reply. Basically I am being asked to just talk to myself, which if I am totally honest is not difficult … Continue reading Letter To Myself – The Reply

The Awoken | Short Story

It was midnight when I woke, from what seemed like the roughest night I had had in a long time. When I opened my eyes I knew exactly why. I was laying on the ground outside, my body in the worst position possible. However it was that I ended up being here, I wasn't sure, … Continue reading The Awoken | Short Story