It’s Official… I’m Coming Back!

Hey Guys, This is just a short post to let you all know that my Blogging Break is officially over as of right now and as of the next few days I will be fully back with all new ideas and blog posts which I can't wait to share with you, so keep a beady … Continue reading It’s Official… I’m Coming Back!

10 Ways To Find Creativity

Hey Guys, I have always thought of myself as being a very creative person. My heart has always been invested in anything and everything that fits around being creative. The problem with that is though, there can be times when, even when you really want to, creativity can run dry and let's be honest, it's … Continue reading 10 Ways To Find Creativity

Hey! It’s My 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

Hey Guys, I recently had a conversation with a friend, about how fast time seemed to be going by, especially recently, and you know what? It really does. The worst part is, we don't have any control over it at all. We can just hope that we are doing the most we can be doing … Continue reading Hey! It’s My 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

My Journey To My Dream Job

Hey Guys, How are you all doing today? I am personally doing very well! Not only did I manage to surpass 25,000 page views today (thank you all for that) but I also happened to score the job that I really wanted, one which will lead me in the direction I want to go. Things … Continue reading My Journey To My Dream Job