Yeah…I’m Back!

Hey Guys, It's been a while since I have said that, I know! I'm not even sure if I will be of interest to anyone now after being absent for what feels like forever. I just needed time away from this blog, to gather my thoughts, gain that passion once again and find myself. It's … Continue reading Yeah…I’m Back!

Don’t Fear Your Past! Look To The Future!

Hey Guys, Memories are important, they give us a chance to look back and smile at things that have happened to us. Just something to look back on, and remember forever. However, they are also extremely powerful, and can easily take a hold of your life if you're not careful, especially the ones that you … Continue reading Don’t Fear Your Past! Look To The Future!

Valentines Day + 300 Follower Thank You

Hey Guys, I always told you I would be topical so I am going to be. Right about now. It is almost Valentines Day, but I am not in love, nor am I currently seeing anyone. I am in no rush to either, although a lot of people think it is weird that I am … Continue reading Valentines Day + 300 Follower Thank You

Saying Sorry For No Reason

Hey Guys, We have all said sorry at some point, that is a given, but what if you said sorry all of the time? Now that would be a problem. Right? Perhaps in the past you hurt someone, not intentionally, but you did, and you knew an apology was in order, so you go up … Continue reading Saying Sorry For No Reason