Britain Is At War… But Only For One Night

Last night we went to Blists Hill, a Victorian town, which for one night only was remodeled to look like Britain during the War years, making it Blitz Hill.We experienced music, fashion and customs from the era, as well the air raid which seemed to go off every half an hour. I wasn't in the … Continue reading Britain Is At War… But Only For One Night

Yes! I’m A Little Bit Competitive!

Hey Guys, Today was just perfect. I know, that very rarely happens anymore for me, but it really was. I am actually really happy for once, which definitely makes a change. We went to Sunnycroft today, an 'Estate in miniature' as it is as classed as being. It literally is what it says on the … Continue reading Yes! I’m A Little Bit Competitive!

It’s Heating Up At Hanbury Hall

Hey Guys, Finally! We had a hot day here in the UK. Oh and when I say hot, I mean absolutely boiling. Well, boiling by our standards anyway, especially mine. And when I say finally, I obviously mean, why? I hate the heat. Hate is a very strong word, so instead I will just say, … Continue reading It’s Heating Up At Hanbury Hall

Shake It Up With Shakespeare

Hey Guys, Welcome to Charlecote Park in Warwick, near Statford-Upon-Avon. Actually, Stratford-Upon-Avon, if you didn't know, just so happens to be classed as being the home of one of the most famous play writes in the world. Maybe you've heard of him, William Shakespeare. In fact, it was the anniversary of his death recently, so … Continue reading Shake It Up With Shakespeare