How Things Have Changed | Poem

Hey Guys, Recently all I have been seeing everywhere is hatred. Hatred amongst different races. Hatred toward religions. Even hatred against the people we are supposed to love and support. What happened? How did this happen? Why is this happening? We all need to look at ourselves and ask these questions. We need to fight … Continue reading How Things Have Changed | Poem

The Awoken | Short Story

It was midnight when I woke, from what seemed like the roughest night I had had in a long time. When I opened my eyes I knew exactly why. I was laying on the ground outside, my body in the worst position possible. However it was that I ended up being here, I wasn't sure, … Continue reading The Awoken | Short Story

Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

While we wait for August, let's make it through July. Actually, IĀ  wanted to take this time to just think about this year so far. We have been through 6 months of 2016 already, although it doesn't feel like that long at all. To me it could easily still be February or March. It seems … Continue reading Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

This Is Just The Beginning!

Today we had the result for the Referendum, and for those who didn't know, Leave won. All day, all I have seen are people who voted remain to be enraged by the result, most of which are people who didn't vote. A lot of them are blaming the older generation for this, although, they were … Continue reading This Is Just The Beginning!