Christmas Is Almost Here!

Hey Guys, Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas Eve today, whether you've braved the shops for last minute shopping or had gifts left to wrap up and drop off to loved ones ready for the big day to begin. Talking of which... I am currently sat on a sofa in my living room, presents … Continue reading Christmas Is Almost Here!

What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

Hey Guys, Hope you're all doing great this evening. With little over a week to go before the big day, and with all the preparations we have been doing to get ready over the last couple of weeks, it had me thinking about the traditions we all have at this time of year. Sometimes you … Continue reading What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

A Day At The Theater!

Hey Guys, One very big Christmas tradition which I had never given a try up until this year was to watch the popular 'The Nutcracker' ballet at the theater and if I'm honest, despite my initial reaction to the idea, I was most definitely surprised. A few weeks back, to celebrate a friends birthday and … Continue reading A Day At The Theater!

Taking on Blogmas…this time my way!

Hey Guys, It's that time of year once again. The most magical time of year that is. Christmas is swiftly and truly on its way.   For most it is a relaxing time, but for those in the blogging community it is a content filled month and not always the easiest to venture through. Sure, … Continue reading Taking on Blogmas…this time my way!