Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

While we wait for August, let's make it through July. Actually, I  wanted to take this time to just think about this year so far. We have been through 6 months of 2016 already, although it doesn't feel like that long at all. To me it could easily still be February or March. It seems … Continue reading Life Can Be Confusing Sometimes! | Poem

A Big Place! An Even Bigger Challenge!

Hey Guys, The other day me and my mom took a trip to Birmingham, because I was desperate to see what the library was like there. You know, because I am a huge book nerd, and I had heard nothing but great things about it. However, as someone with anxiety, just the idea of going … Continue reading A Big Place! An Even Bigger Challenge!

I Wish You Could See | Poem

Hey Guys, I picked up another one of those reading well books today, this time one about body image, because that is something I struggle with. One of the first activities says to describe your body image issues using a creative method of your choice, so I chose something I obviously enjoy, poetry. I got … Continue reading I Wish You Could See | Poem

Mental Health Awareness Infographic

Hey Guys, As part of Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I would let you know some of the facts regarding just how many people can be effected by a Mental Health issue at any one time. It is important to remember that although a person may have one of these issues, it does not … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Infographic