What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

Hey Guys,

Hope you’re all doing great this evening.

With little over a week to go before the big day, and with all the preparations we have been doing to get ready over the last couple of weeks, it had me thinking about the traditions we all have at this time of year. Sometimes you make traditions and don’t even realise it.

One thing I tend to do every year which for me has become the epitome of tradition is every Christmas Eve, at about 7/8pm I will collect all the wrapped gifts from upstairs and then place them around the tree whilst watching Shrek the Third.

Now that may sound a little odd and I am not entirely sure where Shrek came into this either, but somehow it has become something I have to do year after year. One thing is for sure , it makes me happy to do so and in a way it’s like a hint that Christmas Day is just hours away.

However, this year I have a plan. I am going to switch up the movie. I mean just because something is tradition doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to alternate what it is you are doing. I’m thinking of going for Muppets Christmas Carol this year. At least it’s a little more on topic.

Anyway, what are you traditions? Maybe even crazy traditions like mine?

See you soon,

Chloe Lauren

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