A Day At The Theater!

Hey Guys,

One very big Christmas tradition which I had never given a try up until this year was to watch the popular ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet at the theater and if I’m honest, despite my initial reaction to the idea, I was most definitely surprised.

Image result for the nutcracker birmingham 2018

A few weeks back, to celebrate a friends birthday and ring in the start of the festive season, a group of us took a day out in Birmingham.

On initial meeting in what I consider the ‘big city’, we had a quick scan around the shops in the area before looking for a place to grab a quick bite. To please everyone and to deal with time constraints, this ended up being at Caffe Nero, where I had a grilled meatball and mozzarella cheese sandwich. It was basically just a posh meatball sub.

After lunch, we rushed across the city to the Birmingham Hippodrome, ready to catch the show. We made it with about 10 minutes to spare, enough time to get in, grab our seats and relax.

The opening scenes were quite difficult to get into which made me feel as though Ballet maybe wasn’t for me but as soon as it really got into it, it was truly magical. I could even say seriously mesmerising.

I loved how the visuals matched the thought process of the main character, Clara, highlighting her dreams, specifically how they portrayed the change in seasons. The most memorable was using both the set and dancers to depict a snow storm. It was amazing to see.

I might just have to add this as a new tradition for my family.

Have you seen the Nutcracker before? Whats did you think?

Chloe Lauren

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