5 Types Of People You Definitely Know At Christmas | Blogmas Day 7

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Hey Guys,

Throughout the Christmas Season, you are going to come across a plethora of people and personalities, all of which will be different than the one before. Basically, everyone has their own way of celebrating.

Some are more excited than others and others just don’t want to know at all and that is completely fine.

But, here are 5 people you will definitely encounter this December.

The ‘I’m going to tell you everyday how long is left until Christmas day’

I am pretty certain everyone I know will say that I am this person. I get so excited, you would think I was still under the age of 10.

The thing about this person is, how devoted they are to the season and how they will just stare at their calendar and the way their face will light up when they see the day is drawing close, is, I’m not being biased, but the most adorable thing.


The ‘I’ve Seen This Movie a Million times but let’s watch it just one more time’

Again, I’m guilty of being this person.

This person can sit in front of that TV screen for hours on end and watch Movie and Movie and not get bored, even if it is one they may have seen just a day before. Not only that, but they enjoy crying over the perfect moments. It’s weirdly amazing.

Can you blame them, though? I can’t. In fact, where is the popcorn?


The ‘I’m not going to think about Christmas until Christmas Eve’

I know quite a few people who’s celebrations don’t begin until Christmas Eve. This is usually because their minds are taken up by other, more important things, which does make sense.

There are certain things that may be unavoidable, even to sit back and think about being merry.

You will find this person running through a shopping center near you, at the very last minute, trying to catch up on their Christmas shopping. Someone give this person a Hot Chocolate because they deserve it.


The ‘I’ve had everything wrapped and ready since September’

Ok. Maybe September is a bit over the top and an exaggeration, but the idea is, this person is ahead of everything, their schedule was all mapped out ages ago and the organisation is on point.

I just wish I could do that. I know I started wrapping in November this year, but still. I haven’t got the discipline these people have.

The dedication is real.


The ‘I’m going to pretend I don’t care about Christmas but inside I am totally Screaming’

There is always that one person who for some reason doesn’t want to admit that they love Christmas. I don’t know if they see it as being uncool or what it is?

But what I do know is, when they finally give in, they show that deep, internal love, and sometimes more than those who you would actually expect it from.

Christmas comes with many miracles. That just so happens to be one of them.


Are You Any Of The Above? If So, Which One?

Happy Blogmas,

Chloe Lauren x

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