Let’s Give Back This Christmas|Blogmas Day 1

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Hey Guys,

Here we are again. The first OFFICIAL day of Winter and also for the joyous Blogmas season.

Excited? I know I am! I have been talking about Christmas to just about anyone who will listen, since about October, probably even earlier than that. I just think it is such a wonderful time and it never ceases to put a smile on this little face of mine, so why shouldn’t I celebrate as much as possible?

Like Charles Dickens wrote in A Christmas Carol, Christmas should live in our hearts all year round and not just for that one day, and I plan to live by that!

What I wanted to talk about today was Advent, but not in the way you think.

Sure, I have an Advent Calendar and am counting down the days, and as I am a Christian, it’s an important time for me in terms of the true meaning of Christmas, but when I talk about Advent here, I am referring to Reverse Advent!

That term probably sounds odd to you, because it isn’t the usual way it is done, right?


So, what exactly is Reverse Advent?

Well, in a normal Advent Calendar, we receive Chocolates or little gifts when we open each door, so in a way we are giving to ourselves. However, with Reverse Advent, the idea is, for everyday, you give something or do something for someone else.

I mean, what a great concept!

This is actually something my Mom introduced to me. I had never heard about it up until now, but Christmas is about giving, and celebrating together, so I think it is something we should all be doing. And who knows, maybe we can make a real difference in someones life, even by doing what seems like a small gesture.

So this Christmas, let’s do anything we can, big or small, and make a HUGE impact on someone in need. I’m not even saying you have to do it for the entire month, but by doing one thing, you could make someones Christmas.

Thanks Mom for the idea, and here is to a great holiday season!

Happy Blogmas Guys,

Chloe Lauren x

11 thoughts on “Let’s Give Back This Christmas|Blogmas Day 1

  1. Girl Enters says:

    Heey I love that it’s snowing on your blog ❤ such a smart ideas LOVE IT great post, I'm soooo excited to read more from you, happy first day of BLOGMAS!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl Enters says:

    Chloe! I’m so sorry I just couldn’t wait for your 2nd Blogmas post haha I tagged you in a Christmas tag thta i kind of came out with, i’d love it if you could check it out and participate ❤ 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elm says:

    This makes me so happy to read!! 🙂 You’re such a thoughtful person. Giving back to people is so important and should be encouraged all year round and I love how you’re doing that! xx


  4. roguemillennials says:

    We love seeing how young Believers shake up traditions creatively to be closer to God’s heart! Advent is about anticipating the greatest gift – Christ’s coming! So why shouldn’t we celebrate it by giving? Great thoughts!


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