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Hey lovely people of the internet. How are you all doing? I am hoping wonderfully!

Now, I can’t remember the last time I attempted a tag post, but I recently saw someone upload this one and it reminded me that I was also tagged a while back, so I felt inspired to do it now, and hopefully I will get the others done also, because there were a few I have missed. Sorry to whoever has tagged me in posts. I will get to them in due course. Scouts honor.

Anyway, my good friend Anna Regina from Diversion3000 and co owner of TeamAwesome, tagged me to do this, so just a quick hello and thank you to her before I start, because why not. She’s seriously awesome by the way, so why not go check her blog out, but not until you have read this post. Please?

The Rules Are As Follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you (DONE! Tick that one off already)
  • Answer all 8 questions
  • Nominate at least 5 people

Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and is obviously why I am here right now, writing this post, and why you are here, reading my blog (good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you all), so I felt this was a very apt tag for me to join in with, and hopefully

When Did You First Start Writing?

I guess I have always been writing in a sense, but I didn’t begin to do so properly until I found myself in a difficult point in my life. It became a sort of release from real life and helped me to convey how I was truly feeling in a way that was productive and not particularly destructive.

Have You Always Been Interested In Writing?

I don’t think I was always interested. In fact, I am sure I wasn’t. I used to find it to be quite a laborious task, one that was just too much, plus I used to be extremely sporty and could never find time for it. However, now that I have found an interest, I absolutely love it. It is probably my favourite past time, and keeps me sane, or as sane as I possibly can be.

Why Do You Like Writing?

I think for me personally, I loved writing because it was the best way for me to just be me and to be free to actually say what I needed to say.

There were things in my heart and on my mind that I found so hard to communicate to people, but writing it all down, managed to break down that barrier and started a conversation I could never get myself to start. From there, it has just become habit. A good habit, and a passion I wish to pursue further. Hopefully!

What Genre Do You Write In?

Well I am not sure I have settled on just one genre, but I do find that a lot of what I write fits similar themes.

I’m not sure if this counts, but I blog (pointing out the obvious), and I imagine in a way it is a sort of style of writing, especially saying that you are writing to an audience and telling stories, even if they are my own real experiences.

Does it count? I will let you guys decide on that.

Who Or What Motivates You To Write?

Originally it was my experiences, and to a certain extent it still is, but since coming through a lot of my issues and finding my faith in Christianity, I obviously have a fresh perspective on life and it is given me a new way of looking at the world. I think that has given my writing a new voice also.

Do You Write Poetry?

YES! Poetry is one of my favourite types of writing, but you all probably knew that already. It is such a quick release and really gives your emotions a voice and allows for it to feel that much more real to both you and the reader.

I just love poetry! It is so real and forms a whole story in a few lines or verses. Awesome, right?

Have You Ever Written A Story With A Friend?

A genuine story? No! A stupid, very odd story which wasn’t written, but pieced together verbally? Yes!

How Do You Write Your Stories? (First Or Third Person)

More often than not I will write in the first person, because I feel it to be more personal and really brings the reader more into the story, and makes them feel more apart of it. However, that isn’t t say I don’t go for third person. It is only occasionally though, and only I think it fits with the story, or if I am just trying to change it up a bit. Got to be spontaneous, if you know what I mean?

So there we go. I hope that was insightful and you learned a bit more about me and why I love to write. Not that you asked for that, but still.

Also, I know I am supposed to tag people, but I am really unsure who has done this and who hasn’t, so I am just going to cheat and say I am tagging, well, all of you! ENJOY!

Chloe Lauren x

14 thoughts on “Why Do I Write? | Writer’s Ink Challenge

      • Chloe Lauren says:

        I used to think that. I thought it was that mindset that caused my creativity but I think you can. It’s just at the moment you think you can’t. You will be fine! I am just thankful I found my faith which helped me.

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      • Chloe Lauren says:

        I’m not that great. At well anything haha! But I really had a passion for writing and a few years back some things happened, which I won’t dwell on, that caused me to have depression and anxiety. I decided to create a blog to talk about those things. The support was amazing and people were responding well. I just wanted to help people. The more I spoke out about my feelings the better I felt. This as well as my volunteer work have really made me the person I am and brought me to Christianity. Since then, I have been way more positive and my posts have captured that positivity. šŸ™‚

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