It’s that time again. By which I mean…

….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Cue the balloons and confetti.

Yeah I really was that enthusiastic, up until the moment that I realised that another year has gone fleeting by and I am now a year older.

As of right now, I am officially 19, meaning that this is my final year as a teenager, and a day closer to being the big old 20, which I imagine won’t feel any different, but right now is a terrible thought.



Just look at my little face. It’s hard enough to believe I was ever 16, let alone being 19! It’s weird to think this was less than a year ago, and I am actually wearing the same T-shirt right now. Didn’t notice until after I decided to select that picture. Huh?

Anyway, I am so ready for this next chapter in my life. It should be fun to see how this year treats me, especially now that I am a Christian, and so much better in myself.

Also, I am just so shocked that I am still here blogging. I will admit, It may not always be the most consistent, but I am actually still around, trying to entertain you all as best as I can. I think I deserve a virtual high five for that. Anyone?

I am thinking of doing another post to follow on from this, maybe to do with my presents or possibly on what I wish to achieve before I turn 20. I’m not fully sure yet, but would definitely love to hear your thoughts

Have a great weekend guys.

I know I will. I have a meal to go to on Sunday. I have the greatest friends!

See you soon my awesome second family.

Chloe Lauren x

36 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Matters of Living says:

    Happy birthday. Definitely high five for the blogging effort!
    I just turned 27 and it hit me that 30 was nearing so I made a 30 before 30 list. I put it on my blog and am trying to achieve it. You could try a 20 before 20 list keeping in mind what you think is achievable within the next year. Good luck and enjoy the time to its fullest.


  2. Anaida says:

    Happy birthday Chloe! You’re cute 😊😊
    Waiting for the follow up post. Please reflect your goals and things you would like to do differently in your 19th year in the planet 😁


  3. Iridescence says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I totally understand about being 19! I just turned 18 but most my friends are turning 19 and they say the same thing.


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