A Lot Can Happen In A Year!


There may have been a lot of things to get down about this year, and I truly do mean a LOT! But, for me personally there have been a lot of personal victories, things that if I hadn’t written them down before, I may have forgotten!

After all, a lot can happen in a year, but what happened in my year.

Well, I am glad you asked:

  1. At the start of last year I had about 100 followers, and now I have almost 1000.
  2. I have gained almost 21,000 page views.
  3. Made some amazing new blogger friends. You all know who you are.
  4. Been approached by a few companies to do projects for or with them.
  5. Volunteering at a cafe.
  6. Beating my fear of buses and just public transport in general.
  7. Finding something I actually love and beginning to pursue it. BOOYAH!
  8. Having new bloggers email me and ask for my advice on starting their blogs.
  9. Doing the Alpha course, and finding Christianity.
  10.  I was nominated for, and ending up being one of the winners for blog of the year!

I started off this year very scared and alone (*cough* hence the name of the blog *cough*), but now I see I have come so far.

It feels like only yesterday I was still 17 and frightened of practically EVERYTHING. Now, I am 18 and still terribly afraid, but I have found ways to deal with it, and have a better view of life. And hey, I am still young, and I am still improving and learning. I am bound to make mistakes in 2017, but who really cares. It’s the mistakes that make us human (I must be a super human by now then).  You know what I mean though, right?

Here is to our 2017! Let’s see what happens.

Chloe Lauren x

19 thoughts on “A Lot Can Happen In A Year!

  1. Iridescence says:

    Wow you’ve been approached by companies! And you overcame your convictions about public transport! Congratulations! Also for the around 900 followers OMG that’s huge!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ivy says:

    Good for you! I am so happy for you! I can only hope to achieve as much as you have this year. Best of luck in 2017! (also glad you’ve found Christianity)


  3. Regina5000 says:

    Amazing post!! XD I’m super happy that you achieved all those things this year, something really to admire! XD Let’s have an even better 2017, best of luck on everything you do!!! XD XD


  4. LyfWithEm says:

    Yay, congrats on everything you have accomplished in 2016!! You’ve come so far in your blog, and it seems like you have in your life too – finding God and getting started on the career you want to. Good luck for 2017 – I’m sure it will be a good year for you!


  5. typicallyizzy says:

    Congratulations on completing those goals! One of my goals for 2017 is to get 500 followers on my blog. Great post as usual! Izzy Xx


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