Life On The Right Track


I am really excited about today’s Stroll on Sunday, because it was so good, but I am finding it difficult to find the right words to describe and tell you guys about it within the space of just one post. I will have to try. This is a journey you shouldn’t miss.

We basically did a day of traveling around, from the car to a train station, to getting on a steam train, to getting off to eat, then back on again, to then get back in a car to go home. I sure am tired after all of that. Tired in a good way though. I say that, as it was just a day filled with having a laugh, and exploring the train world. I have been on trains about three times in my life, but I can’t really remember those other two journeys I have taken, although I know one was in Austria. However, I think I am likely to remember this one for a long time, and definitely for the right reasons.


The photos above are the before shots which I took whilst waiting for the train to come into the station. Just standing there was a task because it was so warm, but I shouldn’t complain, not yet anyway, as the day was deemed to just keep getting warmer as the hours went on. Thankfully, I didn’t let that stand in my way. Not one bit.

I do have to say though, it is a very British thing to moan about the weather, whether it is hot or cold, we will always find a reason to moan. I am not sure why we do it, but it must give us some sort of satisfaction.


If you couldn’t tell, the two photos above are me trying to be artistic with my photography. I am trying to improve on how I take photos and seeing beauty and creativity from anything, even if it is my mother’s hands holding the brochure for the railways station, or different people boarding the train.


It was my stepdads idea for me to quickly run to get this picture. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the shot, which incidentally is my favourite from today. A round of applause to Ivan there for that one.


On the return journey we managed to nab a seat in a separate carriage. One where you can shut the door. I tell you now, it feels like you are on the train to Hogwarts, or at the very least someone of importance. Either way, it is such an amazing feeling.

Oh and yeah, it was my mom’s birthday as well. She had a great day, and that is all that matters to me. I am so glad today was such a success. Love you mom and I hope you enjoy your Gluten Free cake!

Chloe Lauren x

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