Blogging Tips(1)

Hey guys,

At New Years I set myself a few goals, one being that I would like to make a set schedule for this blog, which I would stick to, and use. I have finally finalized what I will be doing on the blog, and when.

Monday and Tuesday will remain review days!

Thursday will be for my thoughts and feelings on whatever I wish to talk about, hopefully leading to a bit of discussion.

Friday will be more fun posts, such as awards and milestones, or whatever else I can come up with.

Sundays will hopefully be a new feature I will add to the blog soon.

Also, every other Tuesday will also be used for the Blogger Interviews that are currently being worked on and will be coming very soon!

The other two days, Wednesday and Saturday will be my blog writing days, and will still have the Quote Of The Day on, as per usual! Also, having two days off from posting, will give me more of a chance to produce better and more well thought out content for you all to enjoy.

As for the posting times, the main Posts will be uploaded at 4pm, whilst the Quotes will be uploaded at 10am. Both of these are of course going to be GMT time. I really hope that you are all happy with these times, and are able to join me. I look forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

Lonely Girl x


    • Chloe Lauren says:

      It is quite hard to keep up all of the time, but I wanted to give my followers something to hopefully look forward to. Aww thank you! I really appreciate that 🙂 x


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