Living For The Now

Vantage Points

Hey guys,

Some people think about the future, and worry about what their lives might actually be like and if they may reach where they want to be. Others like me, sometimes may look at the past and what was or could have been.

This has lead me to think, why is it that we do not look at the present and where we are right now? Isn’t that important to us also?

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.”

Our present is just as important as our pasts or futures, probably more important come to think of it, and we have the right to live for the now. These are the moments that are going to shape how our lives will turn out and indicate what both our pasts and futures will begin to look like.

Sure, some moments are not going to be the greatest, they may hurt, and may also pull you back a little bit, but in the end they will begin to mould you into a much stronger and better person who can endure almost anything.

You have to be grateful for the moments you do have. People are not here forever and you never know when it is a persons final moment.

Stop living in the past, scrutinizing your future, and live in the moment!

Lonely Girl x

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